Should Companies Consider their employee as human beings Instead of humans doing?

A couple of days back I have listened to the “ FUMANS” Podcast by Hiba Balfaqih and Gabby. They were talking about stress and how work stress can affect the human mentality and harm your body. The link is below:

They spoke about how business culture embraces the people who stayed late at work and if you stayed late at work, you will be rewarded. I agree with that where I remember I used to work in a firm where staff stayed till 20:00 doing nothing but just to show that they are working hard and by 20:00 They will just send an email to show that they are working. I had many occasions like this and when you leave early they consider you an outlier. That was confused me a lot.

We have not to talk to the other part where companies make you really work hard for at least 12 hrs in days and you don't expect anything in return. They might even deduct your salary if you come late because you were working too late in the last evening. Especially, in construction where we have to do a long night hour work shit and we came in public holiday and weekend to finish the work and you don't even get rewarded or appreciate it. The company boss or your manager will say always “either you work like that or simply get out and I will bring other people who will accept your job with a fraction of what you get paid” This is unbelievable and even not empathetic at all.

I personally had this experience and it led me always to severe stress. I have even a couple of my friends who went through severe depression and one of them collapse at a construction site immediately. I understand how construction is tough where the project had to finish on time with a tight budget, but employers should be empathetic toward their staff. The mentality of treating your team like“ you are just a human doing or a robot and you are here to do or I will replace you” led to a bad work environment, toxic workplace, severe stress and burn out which lead to less productivity in the workplace and sever illness to the employee. it is a loss for everyone in the business.

I believe leaders should be empathic and should treat their employers as assist and human beings. Many firms treat burnout with their staff as it is their problem and “non of our business” and we need only robots who do work and leave. Actually, there is a good article by Harvard Bussiness School that shows that burnout is coming from the company & leaders themselves which is shown in the like below:

Employee Burnout Is a Problem with the Company, Not the Person

Here are another extra resource where they address the topic properly:

Employee Burnout is a Problem with the Company, Not the Person | Cleverism

I believe we should start educating companies about burnout and how important wellbeing is up to them by doing sessions to leaders or decision-makers in the business to start looking into that sector.

Khaled from the “Hope it Helps” Podcast talks about it in the link below:

We even talked about it a lot in the “ Civil Engineering Vibes” podcast which I believe is important to address it.

I know COVID hit most of the business too hard. However, we should start addressing this topic to try to have a better workplace and in the end, I want to address the following “ Do we need human beings or human doing?”

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